Upper chest pains exhaling. Tooth-fil Temporary Tooth Filling (DN831). Tooth whitening is a very effective non invasive way of changing the colour of your teeth. Your skilled cosmetic dentist can fill your decayed teeth with tooth-colored or white fillings. You may just have to have the tooth pulled, unfortunately. While all soft drinks can cause tooth decay, dentists consider Mountain Dew to be the worst because it contains high amounts of sugar and caffeine. toothbrushes dental floss toothpaste teeth whiteners mouthwash denture care. Light Type: Laser Ionic 2. CONDITION Neck muscle spasms. The pain quickly goes away. Those pearly whites that are not so pearly or white anymore are one of the most common complaints that dentists have from their patients. At times, the crack may extend below the gingival tissue line, requiring extraction. Because your teeth undergo a great deal of pressure when you chew, even the best fillings will become loose or may eventually fall out.

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